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We work together

Paul Company is an organization that specializes to launch fashion brands on the market.
Not only new brands, but also those that are already known in different countries.

Because of the good cooperation we have built up over many years we know how to reach different target groups.

The focus of our organization is to work with a loyal team who are loyal to their partners.


Blundstone 1870, the world leading chelsea boot brand. All the way from Australia and at the moment here in The Netherlands. Blundstones popularity is rising here in Northern Europe. The brand is specialized in the perfect outdoor Chelsea boot. Blundstone only uses the best leather. Suede, nubuck or a combination everything is possible. The boots are extremely comfortable. The shock protection system and polyurethane ensure that you are able to walk miles without getting any pain. A real classic and high-quality boot.

Our friends

Brands that become friends of Paulcompany during the relationship working together.

B.C. Hats

Since 1969 B.C. Hats is the main brand for exclusive and modern headgear. The brand started all the way in Byron Bay, a small village located near the sea on the east side of Australia. Bill Conner the founder of B.C. Hats was the first person who made leather hats with a shapeable brim. B.C. Hats pays attention to every detail. The brand uses specialized craftmanship and never settles for less. The perfect hat completes every outfit. Wear it with a cool jeans, cardigan or suit and tie and you are ready to go.

Vintage Handmade

A brand we are proud of. We are happy to introduce Vintage Handmade to you. A brand that offers you the best leather from Porto, Portugal. The shoes are designed for both men and women. The shoes are made of a combination of leather and lambswool. These two provide you the best comfort while walking. Founder, Teun van Wetten, loves the outdoors. He designs the shoes together with a team in Portugal. The shoes are water-resistant, comfy and very chique. Vintage Handmade is now sold in more and more countries worldwide.

Let's work together

Are we the perfect distributor for you here in The Netherlands and the rest of Europe? We are always interested in new collaborations, especially with you! Send us a message, we are happy to meet you soon.