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A Distributor helps you to find a way through a foreign market. The distributer is the connection between you as a company and the customers in another country.

An independent entrepreneur with a big customer file. We speak the language and take care of the sales and marketing. This is a way to reach your future customers in a faster way. We as a distributer will search for the best customers in the country. New customers are important for the existence, turnover and growth of your business. Working with a distributer hardly costs you extra staff. We are the extension piece of your company. Read more about us below or contact us about the possibilities for your company.

Luxury shoe brands

For over a decade Paul Company is specialized in distributing luxury shoe brands worldwide. Over all those years we have gained a lot of experience. We started as a small company, however now we distribute in the Benelux and Germany. Besides that, we are busy working on gaining new customers in other European countries. Our marketing department has a lot of experience in building social media campaigns and other marketing-sales related content. Curious about the possibilities that Paul Company can create for your business?


We also created an efficient logistics plan.

Shoes make your outfit. In addition, shoes are necessary to get through the day. We are a real family business, a close team of employees. However, we are located in the south of the Netherlands, we have quick contact with Belgium, Luxemburg and Germany. We are excited to get to know you better, let’s get in touch to talk about the possibilities!

The values of Paul Company are…

The core values are the most important values within a company. They are characteristics or motives that show what the company stands for.


Loyalty means entering a long-term relationship. Honesty and sincerity are extremely important in this process. Together it is our goal to make every brand we represent a huge success. With our team we work hard to get new and already existing brands at the top of the market in the Benelux and other European countries. We + You are about to make a dream team.


We focus on the goals we set. At the beginning of every cooperation we discuss the goals we have with our customers. We combine your goals with ours and strive to reach the goals as fast as possible. However, fast does not always mean good. In the end quality is more important than quantity. Focus leads to positive results. We always formulate the goals in the SMART way. Which means; specific, measurable, acceptable, relevant and timebound. Are you ready?

Down to earth mentality

Typically, Dutch like we are. We breath the down to earth mentality. We like to keep everything clear and simple. A no nonsense company, this keeps us grounded. An atmosphere we like to work in.


We have gained a lot of experience in about the past 10 years. We are able to think business wise however, we also meet the needs of our clients. Skills on B2B and B2C level are serious tools in our business. We started as a small company, within 10 years we are a well-known company In the Benelux. Something we are extremely proud of. We can’t wait to show you our skills. We combine both of our persistence and knowledge to get there where we want to be. These four core values together symbolize the strength of our company. Our mission and vision evolve out of our passion to work close with brands and people we love. Do what you love and love what you do is one of the quotes we use on a daily basis. Are you just as enthusiastic as we are? That probably means we are a good match. Please contact us and maybe we can get together soon.
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