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B.C. Hats a short introduction about the original Australian leather hats

Since 1969 BC Hats is the main brand for exclusive and modern headgear. The brand started all the way in Byron Bay, a small village located near the sea on the east side of Australia. Bill Conner the founder of B.C. Hats was the first person who made leather hats with a shapeable brim. B.C. Hats pays attention to every detail. The brand uses specialized craftmanship and never settles for less. The company is still owned by the Conner family. Quality and service are their core values. And we could not agree more! The perfect hat completes every outfit. Wear it with a cool jeans, cardigan or suit and tie and you are ready to go.

A funny thing is that Bill Conner started making all kinds of leather accessories. He only uses the finest leather in Australia. Back in 1969 his most sold item were sandals. A few years later he designed fashionable hats. In a short period of time, the hats became extremely popular. And they still are! The hats were the first leather hats in Australia. Nowadays the designs and production of B.C. hats are world famous. Besides that, for over the years the quality of the leather has not changed, it is still excellent.

Bill Conner designed something new, nobody has heart before. The design was a ground-breaking step in the world of hat designers.

During the World Expo in 1988, B.C. Hats gathered worldwide fame. 5 years later, Bill Conner won the Exporter of the year award. The organization of the award thanked Bill for creating a product made of Australian leather and eventually exporting this product all over the world.

The models, who wears what?

More than 60 years ago, BC Hats started as a small family business. Just like we did. Now many years later BC Hats is still the same, However, they gained more international fame. The company began with a few models. Over the years they designed 11 different models.
B.C. Hats created exceptional names for the designs such as: Cool as a breeze, Bac Pac traveler, Bushwalker, Bush & City, Stockman and Streetwise. This is a smart marketing strategy. In this way the brand keeps in the minds of those who are interested. The brand only uses basic/natural colors. Brown, sand and black are three colors found in the collection of B.C. Hats.

Dutch marketing in combination with Australian craftmanship

Since more than 10 years Paul Company is the distributer of BC Hats in The Netherlands, and we are proud of that. This brand has a story we would love to tell to the Dutch people. This company shows us that everything is possible, if you put all your effort and passion into the things you love. Dreams become reality.

Our marketing team ensures that these dreams become visible to the Dutch hat market. The right photography in combination with a perfect text creates positive attention for the brand. Each month the marketing team designs a plan to promote the brand in the market. These goals are made to achieve and to exceed.

We are excited to represent your brand just like we do with BC Hats.

Are we the perfect distributor for you? Please contact us. You are free to leave your contact information on the contact form page on the website. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible. You can find more information about our company on the about-page. You can find a list of our core values and other information we think is important when we cooperate together.