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Blundstone, a short introduction about the chelsea boot brand

Blundstone 1870, the world leading chelsea boot brand. All the way from Australia and at the moment here in The Netherlands. Blundstones popularity is rising here in Northern Europe. The brand is specialized in the perfect outdoor Chelsea boot. They only uses the best leather. Suede, nubuck or a combination, everything is possible. The boots are extremely comfortable. The shock protection system and polyurethane ensure that you are able to walk miles without getting any pain. A real classic and high-quality boot. Men, women and children, they all wear them with a lot of love.

The models, who wears what?

Blundstone categorizes different models such as the classics, the originals and the dress boot. The models can be divides into different colors and leather. In the beginning the boots were worn by factory workers. Later on, companies in different industries tried on the boots and they were extremely enthusiastic. Nowadays everybody wears the Chelsea boots. Business people, fashionistas and even the police is familiar with their Chelsea boots. The company is still a proud family-owned business. The headquarters is located in Tasmania for over 150 years. Several meetings are held every week. In this way everyone keeps each other informed about the state of affairs.

Blundstone Marketing and Sales

The Blundstone Chelsea boots are worldwide known. It was a big challenge back then. How do you bring forward an already strong and existing brand into a new market? For over the past years we have expanded our marketing department. A good working marketing department is a must for a distribution company like us. It is our job to promote your brand in a market that is still unknown to you.

We speak the language and know how to communicate in for you a different country. Our marketing department consists out of a young team. They understand today’s marketing do’s and don’ts. Our marketing managers are trained in designing special social media campaigns. These campaigns are set up with great dedication together with the head office in Australia. We are also able to make our own visual material. Everything is in consultation.

PaulCompany in combination with Blundstone Australia

We are a real family business. We live and work together. This means that we do our job with great dedication. It is important for us to love the brand we distribute. That is the only way to properly promote a brand. We all have a pair of Blundstones at home. We feel these comfortable boots weekly. Paul Company and Blundstone are one. We do not use machines. Every order is packed and shipped with great pleasure. Everything is manual.
We always try to be one step ahead and surprise the customer.

For example, during special occasions in The Netherlands we add a small present to every order. Especially during Christmas and Black Friday. A good and strong connection with our clients is important for us. Paul Company is a B2B and B2C company. We are proud to represent Blundstone Australia in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Even other European countries know where to find us.

Every year we set goals to achieve. This keeps us focused and grounded. Of course, we like to dream and we sure do. Some exciting things together with Blundstone are on the way and we can’t wait to show you. We keep developing ourselves and try to be the best in our industry.

Last but not least

Please let us know when you are excited to cooperate with us. We are always in for new ideas. Together we stand strong and we can rule the world.