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The distribution partner

As a distribution partner we help brands to find a way through a new market. Most of the time this is a market in another country. It is our job as distribution partner to connect the brand to new clients. This can be on B2B or B2C level, However, a combination of B2B and B2C is also possible.

We are an independent company with many connections in the industry. We speak fluently Dutch, English and German. The three main languages spoken in the Benelux and Northern Europe. We are experienced in the sales and marketing do’s and don’ts in this part of the world. As distribution partner we will set up a plan to search for the best customers in the country. Acquiring new customers is an important to increase the brand awareness and the existence of the brand.

Working with a distribution partner doesn’t cost you extra staff or effort. You don’t have recess yourself into the new market, that is our job. You can easily see us as an extension piece of your brand and company. Together we are one.

The family business

For over more than 10 years our company, Paul Company, has been focusing on distributing luxury shoe brands. We started as a small family business. We work with a close team of employees. Nowadays we are still a family business, but not small anymore. The company distributes mainly in Northern Europe. However, we have different connections worldwide. We are used to cultural differences and changes in company cultures. We keep developing and gaining new customers all over the world.

Marketing at Paul Company

Over the years our marketing section gained a lot of experience. The department is specialized in building attractive social media campaigns. These campaigns are featured on platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Besides the campaigns, our marketing staff creates newsletter and other marketing related content.

The logistics plan is located in our warehouse. Everything is prepared and finished by our people. We do not work with machines. We are convinced that is leads to less mistakes. This way of working gives us more joy and satisfaction. For example, during the festive season we often add a nice gift to the orders.

The norms and values of the company

During our work and within our company we follow 4 core values. The values characterize our points of view. First of all, loyalty is very important during a collaboration. A collaboration stands for a long-term relationship. Both companies have to trust each other. We always start with different meetings. During these meetings both companies are able to express themselves and discuss their points of view.

Besides loyalty, having focus is our second core value. Focus on the goals you set. This is a sentence we use often. We combine your goals with our goals. We like to keep everything very clear and open. Communication is key. The down to earth mentality creates a relaxed atmosphere to work in.

And last but not least, our experience. For over more than a decade we are specialized in the luxury shoe industry. We think business wise however, our clients are number one. Every person working in our company has experience in different tools. This makes us a strong and independent family business. In a short period of time we became a well-known company in the Benelux and the rest of Northern Europe.

Contact us

These four core values create the strength of Paul Company as a distribution partner . We love our job! Do your norms and values match our company culture please let’s get in touch soon. We are always excited to work with you.