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Vintage Handmade

Vintage Handmade, designed in The Netherlands, made in Portugal

A brand we are proud of. We are happy to introduce Vintage Handmade to you. A brand that offers you the best leather from Porto, Portugal. The shoes are designed for both men and women. The shoes are made of a combination of leather and lamb’s wool. These two provide you the best comfort while walking. Founder, Teun van Wetten, loves the outdoors. He designs the shoes together with a team in Portugal. The shoes are water-resistant, comfy and very chique. Vintage Handmade is now sold in more and more countries worldwide. The shoes are sold online and offline.

The designs, unique and stylish

The brand started with designing boots for the adventurous people. The shoes are identifiable by their optimal grip, wear-resistant sole and the use of 100% natural lamb’s wool. The lamb’s wool is from Dutch origin. The wool ensures that the shoe is able to breath during walking. The boots have a perfect fit. The boots are excellent for all the outdoor activities. For example, going out for a walk in the woods, city or walking the dog it’s all possible. Real leather, waterproof and handmade are a few keywords related to these fantastic boots.

A few years ago, Vintage Handmade has started designing a classic Chelsea boot. These Chelsea boots are perfect for daily use. You can wear them to your work or going out. The boots give your look a classic and stylish touch. The shoes are made of real Portuguese leather. This leather is flexible and takes care of your feed during a long walk. You can wear these shoes with a jeans or a suit, everything is possible. Vintage Handmade is busy developing new models and colors. Classic colors like black, brown and blue are perfect to touch up your already amazing outfit. Vintage Handmade only offers you the best quality. A young brand with lots of potential.

Vintage Handmade, designed in The Netherlands, made in Portugal

We look forward to help this brand creating more brand awareness. A good marketing strategy is very important. Together with Vintage Handmade we set up a plan to bring this brand to an even higher level. Paul Company is happy to show everyone we also represent a young, new brand. Making a brand a success gives us the gratification we are looking for. Vintage Handmade is originally from The Netherlands. The brand knows the Dutch market very well. This has many advantages. You can easily discuss ideas and changes in the market.

Social media are very important nowadays. Our marketing team is trained in designing the right campaign for a specific target group. The campaign must be shown on the right time and right place. Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin are three social media platforms we work with. Besides the social media, we also help Vintage Handmade in finding the best points of sale in The Netherlands.

Just like the other brands we represent, we also look forward to a long time of cooperation with Vintage handmade. We are always ready for our partners. Trust and loyalty are two of our most important core values. You can find more information on the about and distribution partner page. On these two pages we describe our values, goals and how everything started.

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